About Us

Formed in 2015, PhatMojo has become one of the fastest-growing toy and collectible companies in the industry. With a focus on creativity and community, we build great product programs for the best brands in gaming and entertainment.


PhatMojo is obsessed with creating and bringing to market thoughtfully conceived, brand-appropriate products, while achieving the highest levels of efficiency during the product development process. Our ultimate goal is to build great merchandise programs and make life easy for our partners.


Content immersion is the cornerstone of our creative approach. Engaging and celebrating content ignites us as fans, which helps us make products that resonate better with the marketplace. This approach, and its strong connection to the fan community, has cemented us as tastemakers in pop-culture merchandise.

Product Development

We work efficiently to bring product to market quickly – without compromising the highest standards of quality. We invest heavily in high-level creative talent and infrastructure, because our focus is on innovation and building the best products in the industry. From the simplest concept, to all-new platforms, PhatMojo is driven by originality and fun.


We combine our knowledge, expertise, and strong logistical capabilities with world-class manufacturing facilities. This winning combination ensures that our products are safe, of excellent workmanship, and socially compliant with the industry’s highest standards.


We sell to all levels of specialty, mid-tier, mass and on-line retail channels, globally. With our extensive network of independent wholesalers and distributors throughout North America, Australia, and Europe, you can find PhatMojo’s products worldwide.


With best-in-class leadership boasting a combined 50+ years of experience, PhatMojo is built to deliver the industry’s top performance in brand marketing, licensing, product development and sales, with unmatched operational efficiency.